Friday, February 29, 2008

"Ow! "says the reluctant sub. - The Husband.

"Owwww, that hurt," she said.

"It's supposed to," I said smacking her ass through her jeans again and reaching for a kitchen drawer.

"NO IMPLEMENTS!" She protested and closed the drawer. I ignored her and grabbed a large bamboo spoon.

About the 8th swat I recognized a little less vigorous protest and the way she sidled sideways after the swat.

"Enjoyed that last one did you?"

"I enjoyed all of them, but I have to feed the baby who is watching you, by the way."

Being the responsible parent that I am I dragged her to where a counter was between us and the cherub and bent her over same. "Let me see if I am doing any good." The red side of her left cheek just cried out to be matched on the right. So I did.

In no time her ankles were retrained by the jeans around them, and she was shamelessly crying out with cheek against the cool counter, as I pumped in and out of her from behind. Reaching around I was pinching her clit cruelly an feeling her quiver as she clamped her thighs together.

As she collapsed after a particularly violent orgasm no longer able to hold the awkward position, I steered her descent toward the floor onto a nearby step stool and grabbing a hank of hair I guided her lips around my cock just in time for her to swallow it down. Timing is everything.


the happy husband said...

not into spanking too much, but nice post. me and my wife love reading about other married couples, especally hot one's like you. we added you to our sidebar as we will be keeping an eye on yor blog.

nitebyrd said...

Exquisite timing, I'd say.

Pleasure My Spot said...

enjoyed this post.