Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ship's that pass..... -The Husband.

I only had Friday off, and it is impractical to make a 450 mile round trip and be back to work and sharp in less than 24 hours.

The Wife loaded up The Kids in The Minivan and made the drive. Several miscues including me turning off my cellphone instead of just ending a call later, I arrived at the same location she was headed to, close to the job site, and several hours drive for her. She arrived a bit fatigued from the drive, and I was more tired than I expected after two weeks of getting up hours before the time I was accustomed to.

Waiting for the toddler to fall asleep I was out hard. I woke up at about 4:30 to sue the bathroom and despite trying to be quiet woke her up. After we both tried to go back to sleep for a while, she got up to go to the bathroom and decided I was already back to sleep. She then got up with the rest of the early to work household we were visiting. After she didn't return for a while I fell to sleep.

We had a great time with the kids the next day, all very interesting but not very blog-worthy in this venue. We took a drive to the site, they got to see the heavy equipment at a pretty close range. We drove a bit further and higher and caught some trees and had a snowball fight. Wife mentioned the long drive for so far no affection not even a kiss. I, having forgotten my toothbrush the night gave her a sincere but closed mouth kiss. We groped and fondled a bit when the opportunity presented. (rarely)

On the trip down the twisty, guard-rail-less, road, I felt my eyelids droop. I pulled over to rest them, and the kids begged to scramble again in the snow. As they left the van I realized we were alone at long last. I looked over at her and confirmed she had thought the same thing. Then I took a nap. Sad. Really, kind of pathetic.

After a brief respite, one of the kids clomped into and then back out of the van. Repeatedly. I pointed out to The Fellatio Artist that it was in fact Friday, and that in keeping with Fellatio Friday, I really should let her suck it. She gave me a bemusedly tolerant look, but in fact did bend over to my seat pretty agreeably once I unbuttoned my fly. She made a good effort but the vertigo of the road took its toll on her. The proximity of the kids took a toll on me. Eventually she sat up and I continued the stimulation on my own as she watched and occasionally gave it a lick and a promise as she called it. At some point one of the kids came over to the van, then crossed behind and came unexpectedly right to my window.... If not for his short height and quick reflexes on my part, he would be talking about that in therapy for years.

So, she made the 450 mile round trip for a quick kiss, and got the short end of the bargain trading it for half a blow job.

This job is seriously impacting our, ahem, intimate life.


JRM said...

Oy. Life with kids. I love 'em, dearly, but there are times when I look forward to an empty house again!

nitebyrd said...

That's just not right. Sorry the weekend didn't end up totally sexy.

Rae said...

Oh man. The nap thing is just mildly pathetic I have to admit, but kind of funny. That level of tiredness is killer.

Haven't been by in awhile...and you two are the best updaters ever! Just wanted to say, "Hi,"