Thursday, October 16, 2008

Six-pack. The Geek

No, not the abs.

Not "of beer".

Or soda.

Or the Dodge 440 with three two-barrel carbs.

This odd sculpture is somehow closer to the mark...

It is a sexual kink described by "A" of Stick & Giggle as "The Shocker" here or in the Urban Dictionary here.

We have accomplished this manuever on occaision, but this time it was a bit of a command performance.

She had gotten a good shave, and that of course prompted me to offer to check her results.

With my tongue.

Gliding up from ankle to inner thigh, then teasingly up and around, just missing the point of the exercise then back for a long, tender swipe up her slick slit.

As her petals opened, sweetly fragrant, I delved and turned and twisted and probed till I found the spot.

It for her is (discovered last year sometime) is actually south of her little nub and a little to the right if kneeling before her in ministration.

Finding, teasing, licking, nibbling as she was arching, writhing, cumming.

"I want you to six-pack me while you do that."

Never one to miss an opportunity for some graphically verbal stimulation, I asked her to describe exactly digit she wanted where, and how.

I suggested it would be more ergonomic if she, for example sat on my face as I did the bit of prestidigitation. She wanted me, though laying across her, pinning her, making her take it longer than she might otherwise be able to. We compromised into the shape of Bill and Ted's favorite number.

I managed the reverse of the conventional hold with a thumb in her quite slippery cunt and my index and middle finger in her ass.

The key to (relatively) comfortable anal lurve as AAG likes to call it is to enter gently then short movements that don;t actually cause the inserted finger/plug/cock to actually move relative to the tissue contacted, but rather just moves the entire assembly in and out as the ring of muscles maintains a firm grip, at least until the stimulation causes a hot, horny, creamy response.

Eventually I was pistoning in and out, to her delighted discomfort, lapping her juices and teasing her little ganglia of misplaced nerves with lips, teeth and tongue.

Meanwhile my awkwardly bent back cock was fucking her throat as I tried really hard to ignore how good that felt so as not to finish before I completed my anticipated around the world tour.

I pulled my head up and craned back around to mention, casually, that I intended to ream her ass with my cock next. I reminded her of "the rule" made up one time during that hot ass to mouth and back session we had in a shower one time. If one hole gets tired/sore/used up, I get to select another, at random.

I rotated 180 degrees, rotated her legs into the locked and upright position and eased my cock into her ass.

Fucking away, I growled at how eager I was for her to cry uncle there so I could go back to fucking her face.

"You like that don;t you?" she whispered..."Using me as you 'fuck toy'".....

"ULP!" I thought..(not that it stopped my insistent cock with a mind of its own from reaming her ass while my slipper thumb pressed her clit into her pubis...."This is exactly the sort of objectification that I had resolved to avoid to ensure she felt valued and humanized, as I stated just recently in a response to a readers comment.

Her continued aural assault of filthy talk soon had me spurting in only the first of the three holes on my itinerary.

Later I explained my discomfort with (at the moment) objectification of her given that we are currently in a bit of a honeymoon period after a very difficult time-out period in our relationship.

"You see?" she said with a knowing smile.."this is why men are programmed to roll over and go to sleep after getting should try it sometime, you tend to over analyze the sex."

I protested I am just trying to recapture the things that make us connected.

"It felt very connected to me," she said "...connected with your cock to my ass!"


Anonymous said...

OK now this is funny....

She read this and wanted to know if I was taking creative license, or did I really not know?


Apparently, I was not in door number two, rather I was apparently having (albeit pretzel like folding her up) plain old missionary-approved sex.


Is anal sex still hot even if its all in your mind?

-The Geek

Merlin said...

If she enjoys being a fuck toy, why worry about objectification? Just enjoy it with her.

inspector voyeur said...

"Is anal sex still hot even if its all in your mind?"

I gotta go with a YES on this one.

Duke of Earl said...
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Jason said...


I'm not sure women really worry about objectification in the bedroom. As long as they're getting some, and know that outside the bedroom/living room/bathroom/wherever they're love and valued it's all good.

oatmeal girl said...

For decades I believed I'd been fucked in the ass, just one time, and recently the supposed perpetrator said no, never happened, he'd remember if it had. So which of us remembers wrong? And does it matter? Except that it's never happened since (or at all...)

As for being a fuck toy... any sort of good sex, whatever the flavor, gets my head into a place where I'll say and feel and want things that would be a little shocking if discussed in more sober moments. How utterly delicious!

Thanks for a sweet and funny and energetic post.